Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fantasy Football Week 3 Ranks

Here are our group ranks for week 3.

A few things that need to be taken into consideration

  • The status of Charles seems a lot better. He looks like a 50-50 chance to play. He is not included, and remove Knile Davis out of the top 30 at least if he suits up
  • The status of Doug Martin changed after 2 of us did our ranks. He is out, bump Bobby Rainey up into the 14-20 range
  • A.J. Green looks like he has a chance to play now. He was not in our rankings at the time. If he goes, don't expect his normal top-5 self. Put him in the 12-15 range and bump Sanu down just a little.
Good luck this week!

QB Nick
Drew Brees 2 1 3 1
Aaron Rodgers 1 3 2 2
Matthew Stafford 6 2 1 3
Matt Ryan 5 5 8 4
Andrew Luck 8 4 7 5
Nick Foles 3 10 6 6
Peyton Manning 9 6 5 7
Cam Newton 4 8 10 8
Jay Cutler 14 7 4 9
Tom Brady 7 15 13 10
Russell Wilson 11 14 11 11
Phillip Rivers 13 12 12 12
Tony Romo 15 11 14 13
Kirk Cousins 25 9 9 14
Andy Dalton 10 16 19 15
Colin Kaepernick 19 13 15 16
Geno Smith 17 19 18 17
Josh McCown 12 - 17 18
Ryan Fitzpatrick 18 21 20 19
Ben Roethlisberger  - 17 16 20
Ryan Tannehill 16 18 - 21
E.J. Manuel 20 22 21 22
Joe Flacco 21 23 24 23
Alex Smith - 20 23 24
Eli Manning 23 - 22 25
Jake Locker 22 24 - 26
Carson Palmer 24 25 - 27
Brian Hoyer - - 25 28
DeMarco Murray 2 2 1 1
LeSean McCoy 7 1 2 2
Giovani Bernard 1 3 7 3
Marshawn Lynch 3 5 3 4
Arian Foster 4 4 6 5
Alfred Morris 5 7 5 6
Zac Stacy 6 11 8 7
Le'Veon Bell 12 9 4 8
Eddie Lacy 8 10 13 9
Matt Forte 15 8 12 10
Joique Bell 14 12 10 11
Rashad Jennings 10 14 19 12
Stevan Ridley 18 15 11 13
Darren Sproles 11 20 15 14
C.J. Spiller 9 16 25 15
Lamar Miller 13 21 17 16
Monte Ball 21 13 24 17
Shane Vereen 17 24 18 18
Bernard Pierce 19 26 14 19
Andre Ellington 22 17 26 20
Terrance West 26 19 22 21
Knile Davis 16 6 - 22
Ahmad Bradshaw 27 23 20 23
Reggie Bush 24 22 27 24
Frank Gore 23 30 23 25
Bobby Rainey 33 36 9 26
Donald Brown 30 18 31 27
Christopher Ivory 25 33 21 28
Khiry Robinson 37 28 16 29
Pierre Thomas 20 32 32 30
Matt Asiata 35 27 30 31
Chris Johnson 36 25 34 32
Jeremy Hill 32 34 29 33
Fred Jackson 34 35 28 34
Doug Martin 28 31 - 35
Steven Jackson 29 41 37 36
Danny Woodhead 31 38 39 37
Trent Richardson 41 29 40 38
Toby Gerhart 38 37 36 39
Darren McFadden 39 39 38 40
Jonathan Stewart 40 44 33 41
Jerrick McKinnon - 45 35 42
Carlon Hyde 42 40 - 43
Isaiah Crowell 44 43 41 44
Shonn Greene  - 42 45 45
Benny Cunningham - - 42 46
Justin Forsett 45 - 43 47
Roy Helu 43 - - 48
Dexter McCluster - - 44 49
Calvin Johnson 1 1 1 1
Jordy Nelson 2 2 3 2
Julio Jones 3 5 2 3
Dez Bryant 5 3 5 4
Brandon Marshall 9 4 4 5
Randall Cobb 6 6 9 6
Antonio Brown 8 7 10 7
Demaryius Thomas 12 8 6 8
Percy Harvin 4 11 12 9
Andre Johnson 7 12 11 10
Alshon Jeffrey 14 9 8 11
Vincent Jackson 16 10 14 12
Cordarrelle Patterson 11 15 16 13
Mike Wallace 10 14 27 14
Julian Edelman 18 13 20 15
Keenan Allen 22 18 13 16
Pierre Garcon 19 17 18 17
Roddy White 20 19 21 18
Emanuel Sanders 17 20 29 19
Brandin Cooks 24 23 23 20
Marques Colston 21 28 21 21
DeSean Jackson 25 26 19 22
Jeremy Maclin 13 22 36 23
Michael Crabtree 27 21 26 24
Michael Floyd 15 24 39 25
Larry Fitzgerald 23 30 28 26
Golden Tate 39 29 15 27
Reggie Wayne 26 27 32 28
Kelvin Benjamin 31 37 17 29
T.Y. Hilton 34 16 40 30
Steve Smith 40 32 24 31
Sammy Watkins 38 25 38 32
Wes Welker 43 33 25 33
Brian Quick 42 38 22 34
Eric Decker 32 39 35 35
Victor Cruz 45 31 33 36
Greg Jennings 29 36 45 37
Torrey Smith 28 41 41 38
James Jones 41 40 31 39
Deandre Hopkins 35 35 47 40
Terrance Williams 36 42 43 41
Ruben Randle 46 44 34 42
Mike Evans 54 43 30 43
Anquan Boldin 37 49 42 44
Mohaed Sanu 30 45 - 45
Riley Cooper 33 51 52 46
Davante Adams 44 48 48 47
Kendall Wright 53 34 60 48
Markus Wheaton 55 47 49 49
Justin Hunter 50 46 59 50
Harry Douglas 58 54 44 51
Aaron Dobson 47 57 53 52
Cecil Shorts - - 37 53
Dwayne Bowe 49 - 50 54
Hakeem Nicks 48 52 - 55
Marqise Lee 52 50 - 56
Allen Hurns 51 55 - 57
Allen Robinson - - 46 58
Andrew Hawkins 56 - 51 59
Kenny Stills 59 59 55 60
Jermaine Kearse - 56 57 61
Brian Hartline - 53 - 62
Doug Baldwin 60 - 54 63
Andre Roberts - - 56 64
John Brown 57 60 - 65
Miles Austin - 58 - 66
Devin Hester - - 58 67
Jimmy Graham 1 1 1 1
Rob Gronkowski 2 3 3 2
Juius Thomas 4 2 2 3
Greg Olsen 3 6 9 4
Antonio Gates 12 4 7 5
Kyle Rudolph 10 8 6 6
Zach Ertz 15 5 5 7
Dennis Pitta 6 12 8 8
Jordan Cameron 9 13 4 9
Vernon Davis 5 11 11 10
Jason Witten 8 7 13 11
Delanie Walker 13 10 10 12
Martellus Bennett 11 9 16 13
Charles Clay 7 15 18 14
Niles Paul 14 14 12 15
Jared Cook 17 16 17 16
Larry Donnell 18 17 15 17
Heath Miller 21 19 14 18
Travis Kelcie - 18 11 19
Dwayne Allen 20 23 19 20
Zach Miller 16 - 25 21
Eric Ebron - 21 23 22
Owne Daniels 24 20 - 23
Garrett Graham 19 - - 24
Jermaine Gresham 22 24 - 25
Levine Toilolo - - 20 26
Coby Fleener 25 22 - 27
Tim Wright - - 21 28
Derek Carrier - - 22 29
Andrew Quarless 23 - - 30
Jace Amaro - - 24 31
Ladarius Green - 25 - 32
Matt Bryant 2 2 2 1
Stephen Gostkowski 7 1 1 2
Mason Crosby 1 4 6 3
Dan Bailey 4 5 10 4
Mike Nugent 5 10 5 5
Adam Vinatieri 6 6 9 6
Justin Tucker 8 8 7 7
Shayne Graham 3 16 4 8
Cody Parkey 14 7 3 9
Steven Hauschka 10 3 14 10
Phil Dawson 12 11 13 11
Greg Zuerlein 9 14 16 12
Nick Novak 11 9 - 13
Nate Freese 15 18 8 14
Robbie Gould 19 13 12 15
Dan Carpenter 13 15 - 16
Brandon McManus 16 12 - 17
Shaun Suisham - 17 11 18
Graham Gano - - 15 19
Randy Bullock 20 - 17 20
Caleb Sturgis 17 20 - 21
Patrick Murray - 19 19 22
Blair Walsh 18 - - 23
John Brown - - 18 24
Kai Forbath - - 20 25
New England Patriots 2 1 1 1
Cincinati Bengals 4 4 3 2
Carolina Panthers 3 3 6 3
New Orlean Saints 1 7 4 4
Houston Texans 8 2 5 5
Indianapolis Colts 6 9 7 6
San Francisco 49ers 20 5 2 7
Seattle Seahawks 12 8 8 8
Miami Dolphins 7 10 13 9
Arizona Cardinals 11 12 10 10
Baltimore Ravens 14 6 14 11
Cleveland Browns 5 - 9 12
Buffalo Bills 9 15 12 13
New York Jets 13 11 16 14
Denver Broncons 18 14 11 15
St. Louis Rams 16 13 15 16
Dallas Cowboys 10 - - 17
Philadelphia Eagles 15 16 - 18
Chicago Bears 17 18 - 19
Pittsburgh Steelers - - 19 20
Jacksonville Jaguars - 17 - 21
Kansas City Chiefs 19 20 20 22
New York Giants - - 17 23
San Diego Chargers - - 18 24
Tennessee Titans - 19 - 25

Week 3 Picks: Spread Formation

The house always wins (with time). This is the law of Las Vegas. The same is true for Vegas oddsmakers that set the point spreads on each NFL game. The more a season progresses, the better they get at setting lines with more data and insight available to them. Early on in the season, we always see more upsets than expected because we are all still learning the NFL landscape together, one week at a time.

Some interesting stats after the first two weeks of play:
  • Vegas Favorites have a record of 17-15, not calculating the spread
  • Vegas Favorite have a record of 11-20-1, with the spread factored in
  • The spread has changed the winning pick in 6 games, 18.75%
  • 17 games (53%) have been won by 10 points or more, virtually making the spread irrelevant in those games
  • 9 games (28%) have been won by 16 points or more
  • 7 games (21.8%) have been won by 3 points or less

My main takeaway from these stats is don’t worry about the spread this early in the season. Simply pick who you think will win the game. Look for underdogs, especially if they are playing at home. Underdogs are winning close to 50% of the games, without even adding the point spread. Find an underdog with +3.5 or more at home and you have a good shot at winning it.

Again, this advice only goes for week 3 and 4 and then we will have to adjust our strategy. But here are my picks, full of underdogs for week 3. Spreads are according the Vegas Consensus (most frequent betting line across all Vegas and Online sportsbooks).

Atlanta Falcons (-6) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – ATL -6.5
Buffalo Bills (-2.5) vs. San Diego Chargers – BUF -2.5
Dallas Cowboys (-1) @ St. Louis Rams – STL +1
Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5) vs. Washington Redskins – PHI -6.5
Houston Texans (-2) vs. @ N.Y. Giants – NYG +2
New Orleans Saints (-10) vs. Minnesota Vikings – NO -10
Cincinnati Bengals (-7) vs. Tennessee Titans – TEN +7
Baltimore Ravens (-1.5) @ Cleveland Browns – CLE +1.5
Detroit Lions (-2) vs. Green Bay Packers – GB +2
Indianapolis Colts (-6.5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars – JAX +6.5
New England Patriots (-14) vs. Oakland Raiders – NE -14
San Francisco 49ers (-3) @ Arizona Cardinals – ARI +3
Seattle Seahawks (-4.5) vs. Denver Broncos – SEA -4.5
Miami Dolphins (-4) vs. Kansas City Chiefs – MIA -4
Carolina Panthers (-3) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – CAR -3
New York Jets (-3) vs. Chicago Bears – NYJ -3

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Week 2 Match Up Breakdowns

Shout out to Dickey’s Barbecue for featuring us on their blog this week. They have some amazing slow-smoked ribs and brisket!

Before we dive in, let’s get some housekeeping out of the way and explain a few things we discuss below. We tried our best to give every starting player on each team (QB, 2WRs, RB, TE, K, DEF) a ranking of 1 to 5. For some matchups we list more players than that, and on just a few of them, less.

Just because we gave a kicker a ranking of 5 and a quarterback a ranking of 3, that does not mean we expect the kicker to score more fantasy points than the quarterback. Compare players of the same position to one another, for example a 5 star QB vs. a 3 star QB.

For the purposes of this column, a “sleeper” is defined as a player that is started in less than 30% of yahoo leagues. Just because someone is listed as a sleeper does not mean to necessarily start them. They could just be a player of interest worth a pick up or keeping an eye on, especially if something were to happen to the player in front of him.
Feel free to agree or disagree, but here are our opinions based on observations and cold-hard-stats. Take a deep breath, and

Here…… We…… Go.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens - Sunday, 9/13 1:00 pm ET

Ben Roethlisberger torched Joe Haden and the rest of the Browns secondary for 365 yards week one. The Ravens gave up 301 yards to Andy Dalton last week, giving optimism for more strong production through the air for the Steelers. Top corner Ladarius Webb missed last weeks game against the Bengals, returns this week however to bolster the Ravens secondary. Another factor working to quell fantasy appeal in this game is neither team has scored more than 23 points in their last 5 match ups. Look to the ground game for the best fantasy contributions in this match up.

5. Le'Veon Bell. The Ravens surrendered 62 yards receiving to Gio Bernard last week and Bell is coming off 193 total yard effort with 88 receiving. He's the only player in this matchup who's locked into elite status for the week.

4. Antonio Brown. Even with Ladarius Webb back in the line up Brown is easily a top 15 play at WR this week. He burned Joe Haden for 116 yards and a TD. I expect him to have another 90+ yard effort, but fail to score as a player who's never been a high yielding TD scorer.

3. Ben Roethlisberger. He's averaged 18.6 fantasy points per game over his last 9 going back to last season. Despite the lack of scoring potential this game holds, I see him producing around that 18 point mark, making him a back end QB1. Markus Wheaton. Jimmy Smith isn't an ideal match up but Roethlisberger trusts Wheaton to make plays. He made 8th overall pick Justin Gilbert his whipping boy, en route to a 97 yard day. I believe he's a top 25 play at WR this week. Bernard Pierce. The Steelers have struggled against the run and gave up 183 yards to the Browns last week. Pierce was benched after his fumble this past Sunday, but should return with a significant role Thursday night including goal line work. He will be in a heavy committee with Justin Forsett, but I believe there is enough to go around to make both strong flex plays this week. Justin Forsett. Could draw the start this week thanks to his strong 84 total yard week one effort. He received 6 targets against the Bengals. His involvement in the pass game will be a reoccurring theme. He's not an every down back, but a nice change of pace and 3rd down option for the Ravens. Another 80 total yard game is in store. Torrey Smith. He has a 40+ yard reception in each of the last two games against the Steelers, but never eclipsed 100 yards against them. The Ravens pass game was wildly inefficient against the Bengals, averaging just 5.6 yards per attempt. The Steelers were stout against the pass last season, giving up just 222 yards per game and Flacco has averaged just 204.5 ypg in the last 4 match ups (never eclipsing 251 yards) against the Steelers. Smith is a good bet to catch another deep pass in this one, but as the stats show, there won't be many yards to go around here. Dennis Pitta. Pitta might be the safest play out of the Ravens passing game. In Kubiaks system TEs are funneled passes and Pitta is a Flacco favorite as is. I think Pitta sits between 70-80 yards with a 50/50 shot at a TD.

2. Heath Miller. Might be the best bet to score out of all Steelers pass catchers, but if he doesn't I believe he will disappoint from a fantasy perspective. Steelers Defense. They gave up 27 points at home to the Browns and were ran all over. The Ravens should be able to have ample success running the ball against them as well. Leave them out of line ups and on the waiver wire. Steve Smith. His massive 15 targets against the Bengals is obviously not sustainable. Prior to last week he hadn't eclipsed 75 yards receiving since December 2012 and as stated above, there isn't going to be many yards to go around in this match up. Don't chase last weeks numbers. Leave Smith OUT of line ups this week. Ravens Defense As mentioned above, neither team has scored more than 23 points in their last 5 match ups, but the Ravens defense is only mediocre. They are a last resort streamline defense for this week. Kickers. Without a lot of scoring potential in this game, I'm looking elsewhere for my starting kicker.

1. LeGarrette Blount. Played only 5 snaps last week. He's a mere Bell handcuff.

Sleepers. Lorenzo Taliaferro. No one knows exactly how this backfield will play out without Ray Rice. Pierce has a concussion history and Forsett has never had more than 118 carries in a season. Taliaferro is a north-south runner who can grind out yards after contact. He's an appealing short-term stash in deeper leagues in case he rises to the top of the depth chart.

Game prediction: Steelers 23-20

Dallas Cowboys @ Tennessee Titans - Sunday, 9/13 1:00 pm ET

The Titans offense operated very efficiently at Arrowhead Stadium in week one. They totaled 163 yards on the ground and another 266 through the air on just 33 Jake Locker attempts (8.1 ypa). Now they draw a Dallas defense that gave up 415 yards per game last season. Despite the score the Cowboys moved the ball very well last week against the Niners defense. They totaled 382 yards of offense. I see this game being one of the weeks highest scoring games.

5. Demarco Murray. He's an every week RB1

4. Jake Locker. After a productive preseason, Locker continued the momentum with poise and efficiency in a hostile environment. He totaled 266 yards and 2 TDs. He has top 5 upside at the position this week. Justin Hunter. Lead the team in targets (8) and yards (63) week one. He's by far their most talented weapon and red-zone threat. Against a vulnerable Cowboys defense I look for him to breakout similarly to Alex Hurns week 1. Dez Bryant. Locked in as a weekly high end WR.

3. Kendall Wright. Best route runner on the team should find plenty of holes in this match up. He's a top 25 play. Shonn Greene. After posting a serviceable stat line week one and proving to be the actual starter in Tennessee, Greene will be a strong play flex play in this match up. Delanie Walker. Walker is an intriguing option this week. Vernon Davis scored twice last week against the Cowboys. Walker is a good bet to reach the end zone as well . Ryan Succop. Team should spend a lot of time on the Dallas side of the field. Tony Romo. No reason he's not a top 12 play with his supporting cast at home in a potential shootout. Terrance Williams. Boom or bust WR3. I'm betting for production with the Titans focusing on Dez. Dan Baily. Despite the week one woes, Cowboys are a high end offense.

2. Bishop Sankey. While McCluster has role that could be parlayed into a fantasy friendly outing this week, Sankey does not. He's a bench stash until he over throws Greene as the starter.  Jason Witten. Old reliable reminds me a lot of Larry Fitzgerald at the position. He's declining and no longer the first QB read. Very minimal upside. I'd rather start Travis Kelce, Delanie Walker or even Heath Miller over him this week.

1. Defenses. Titans at home could be a sneaky streamline play but I don't recommend using either in this match up.

Sleepers. Nate Washington. Lead the team in snaps week one. Likely to lead the team in deep routes. He could easily come down with a long pass and reach the end zone. Dexter McCluster. He received 10 touches against the Chiefs. He could be heavily involved in the pass game this week.

Game prediction: Tennessee 29-27

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Washington Redskins - Sunday, 9/13 1:00 pm ET

Both teams have a plethora of question marks. It could be a rough game to watch if Washington can't find a spark. The Jags defense is really vulnerable and could be just what the Redskins need to ignite their offense at home.

5. None

4. Alfred Morris. Jacksonville gave up 4.5 ypc and 145 yards on the ground last week. Morris is locked in as a strong RB2 this week

3. Toby Gerhart. Banged up last week, but should be good to lead a heavily implemented rushing attack. He's a strong flex play with upside for high end RB 2 production against the Redskins. Allen Hurns. Shorts returned as a limited practice participant this week, but the Jaguars lost Marquise Lee to a hamstring injury. Hurns will work as the likely number one option. He's a WR3. Pierre Garcon. Jacksonville was the 7th worst team against the pass last season and gave up the second most pass plays of 20+ yards (65). The Redskins have a great opportunity to get on track this week at home against a secondary this vulnerable. With Jordan Reed out Garcon will absorb a few more targets and is always dangerous after the catch. He should serve as a WR2. DeSean Jackson. Jackson is a really good bet to slip past the Jags secondary for a big play or two this week. If the Redskins can gain continuity early, both Jackson and Garcon could post WR1/2 numbers. Robert Griffin III. Nearly impossible to trust, but has enough upside at home in this match up to roll the dice on. Washington Defense. The Jags were shutout in the second half by the Eagles weak defense. They lack playmakers and will likely struggle on the road. Washington is a serviceable streamline defense.

2. Cecil Shorts. He's a dicey play at less than 100%. Andre Roberts. Someone is going to make a big play in the Washington pass game. Athough Garcon and Jackson are the best bets, Roberts can't be completely disregarded. With Reed out he will likely see an expanded role, but can't be trusted as a fantasy starter. Kickers. I'm not trusting either as my kicker. Not enough points to go around.

1. Logan Paulson. Despite Reeds injury, he isn't a fantasy option. Roy Helu. No. just no.

Sleepers. None

Game prediction: Washington 20-13

Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants - Sunday, 9/13 1:00 pm ET

The Giants look pathetic all around. Their line struggles to open up running lanes. Their QB struggles to do anything positive. Their defense is very vulnerable on the back end. It looks like a long season for the Giants. The Cardinals lack rhythm on offense as their QB play is also shaky and their line has struggles of its own. Their defense, however, is stout and plays with energy. They can set up the offense in good positions. The Cardinals also have some really nice deep threats in emerging number one WR Michael Floyd and John Brown. They have enough fire power to exploit the Giants secondary.

5. None

4. Michael Floyd. The Giants were absolutely shredded last week by the Lions. They couldn't cover anyone. I think Floyd is the best fantasy play in this matchup as the best bet to burn this secondary. Fitzgerald runs mostly underneath routes leaving the downfield passes to go mostly in Floyds direction. He could very well eclipse the 100 yard mark with a score in this one.

3. Andre Ellington. He admittedly played Monday nights game at less than 100%. Something he will likely be playing at for much of the year. He's still an effective runner, but until this offense proves to be more potent, he's going to remain a flex play as opposed to an RB2. Larry Fitzgerald. Bruce Arians is obviously not going to make a concerted effort to design plays for Fitzgerald. He saw just 4 targets on Monday night. He's no longer an elite fantasy play. However, against a secondary like the Giants, he should have little trouble getting open. He's a strong WR3 play. Arizona Defense. They are less appealing on the road, but this is a great match up. They held the Chargers to just 290 total yards and now they face Eli Manning who lead the league in INTs last season. Chandler Catanzaro. The Cardinals should spend enough time on the Giants end of the field to give Catanzaro enough fantasy appeal to throw out as your kicker if need be. Rashad Jennings. Jennings is the lone bright spot and trustworthy option for the Giants. He runs hard, makes defenders miss and plays all 3 downs. The Giants are an absolute mess on offense so he can only be counted on as a flex. Rueban Randle. Randle only totaled 1 yard last week. Not inspiring a lot of confidence is his breakout potential. Still, he was able to get open last week, but Manning failed to deliver him the ball. I look for the Giants to review tape and see the need to get Randle the ball. Malcom Floyd found multiple openings downfield against the Cardinals but only managed to secure one of those downfield throws on a 32 yard connection. With Patrick Peterson matched up with Victor Cruz, Randle could very well find openings against the Cardinals. He's a boom or bust WR3 worthy of a dice roll in deeper leagues.

2.  Carson Palmer. Palmer has been inconsistent since preseason. Despite the match up, he's not a fantasy option. Victor Cruz. Hard to trust anyone tied to the Giants pass game. Thrown in a matchup against Patrick Peterson and you have a situation to avoid.

1. Jonathan Dwyer. He's not even worth rostering with Ellington healthy enough to play. Eli Manning. Can definitely be safely dropped. Josh Brown. Leave on waivers.

Sleepers. John Brown. Expected to play about 60% of the snaps (played 58% last week), Brown has some WR3 appeal on the pass happy Cardinals in this match up. He caught the game winning TD on Monday night and saw an additional end zone target on a fade route in the game. He only saw 5 targets, but his usage is encouraging and the Giants secondary has a lot of holes.

Game prediction: Cardinals 24-10

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - Sunday, 9/13 1:00 pm ET

Both teams are coming off huge victories and carry a lot of momentum into this early divisional match up. Miami, under the guidance of new OC Bill Lazor may have just found their identity in week one. Pound the rock and kill the clock. If they continue to run the ball that effectively their play action deep balls to Mike Wallace will be lethal. It will also control the tempo of the game and keep their defense fresh so the likes of Cameron Wake can wreak havoc on opposing offenses. The Bills win, on the other hand, has the looks of anomaly more so than reason for optimism. EJ Manual hasn't suddenly become an efficient NFL QB and their defense still surrendered 427 total yards last week.

5. None

4. Knowshon Moreno. Moreno is coming off a 134 yard workhorse effort and now draws the Bill who gave up 4.8 ypc last week. Moreno has over taken Lamar Miller as the lead back. Miller will get his fair share of playing time, but Moreno is locked in as an RB2 in this one. Mike Wallace. The Bills gave up 341 yards passing last week and the 5th most pass plays of 40+ yards last season with 14. With the run game rolling, I believe Wallace gets a long score in this one, making him a WR2.

3. Lamar Miller. Despite losing the reigns to Moreno, Miller will still be heavily involved. He received 4 red-zone targets and 4 red-zone carries last week. The usage, although not sustainable, is very encouraging for his season long outlook. He's a nice flex play. Caleb Sturgis. The Dolphins lack red-zone options, making Sturgis an attractive fantasy option. CJ Spiller. He received 18 touches in week one. That kind of workload will keep Spiller as no worse than a Flex play. Fred Jackson. He's locked into the 3rd down and change of pace role. He will also get goal line usage making him a weekly flex play. The Bills are among the heaviest run teams in the league. There's enough carries to go around for both Spiller and Jackson.

2. Charles Clay. I don't think the Dolphins will throw enough to support multiple fantasy pass catchers. Miami Defense. The Miami defense has fantasy potential, but mid level defenses on the road aren't appealing. Sammy Watkins. Best bet for production out of all Bills WRs, but not a fantasy option until the Bills pass game shows life. Buffalo Defense. Home defenses are nice, but I expect the Dolphins to run wild.

1. Brian Hartline. Can't be trusted as a fantasy option yet.

Sleepers None

Game prediction: Dolphins 20-17

New England Patriots @ Minnesota Vikings - Sunday, 9/13 1:00 pm ET

New England surrendered 191 yards on the ground to the Dolphins week one and now draw Adrian Peterson. This match up sets up nicely for fantasy. The Vikings offense is going to surprise this season with Nor Turner calling plays. Playing at home and coming off a dominant win, the Vikings should come out with energy and confidence. The Patriots on the other side should come out with high energy of their own, wanting to avoid an 0-2 start. This has the makings of Fantasy gold.

5. Tom Brady. The Vikings were 31st against the pass last season and haven't improved. Brady will be looking to make a statement and have this offense playing with a sense of urgency. Brady is a top 5 QB play this week. Rob Gronkowski. Look for more usage of Gronk to exploit mismatches against the Vikings. He's going to score at least once. Adrian Peterson. As stated above the Patriots gave up 191 yards rushing to the Dolphins. Peterson is primed for a monster stat line.

4. Shane Vereen. Vereen is the unquestioned lead back for the Pats. He creates mismatches in the pass game and is an efficient runner. He also received 3 goal line carries last week. The Pats are going to explode on offense. Vereen will be one of the main beneficiaries. Julian Edelman. There's going to be plenty to go around in this one and Edelman will be open a lot. He's a solid WR2 play. Kyle Rudolph. In the TE friendly Norv Turner offense Rudolph will be heavily involved in the weekly game plans. This game has the makings of a shootout and with the Vikings needing to keep pace with the Pats, Rudolph should be fed nicely. Cordarrelle Patterson. Patterson is down right hellacious with the ball in his hands. He's going to be a weekly WR2 and makes for a high upside one in this game.

3. Stevan Ridley. Only played 26% of the snaps week one, but the Patriots offense fell out of sync. This week they should hit the ground running and keep their stride till the end. Ridley should receive 12-14 touches with a goal line look or two. He's worthy of a flex play. Kickers. With all the points going around and this game being played in a dome, both kickers are strong plays

2. Kenbrell Thompkins. If Dobson plays Thompkins won't be a fantasy option. Tim Wright. His role will grow but not trustworthy just yet. Greg Jennings. Likely to be sacrificed to Revis Island. Matt Cassell. Despite the shootout appeal there are plenty of better options. He is an intriguing start in 2 QB leagues though.

1. Danny Amendola. Firmly behind Edelman. He's hardly worth rostering at this point.

Sleepers. Aaron Dobson. He was a healthy scratch week one. If he does suit up he will likely serve as the Patriots deep threat. The one element they are lacking.

Game prediction: Patriots 34-31

New Orleans Saints @ Cleveland Browns - Sunday, 9/13 1:00 pm ET

The Browns gave up 376 yards passing last week and a whopping 11.1 ypa. Only one team surrendered more yardage and that team happened to be the Saints. However, that still doesn't inspire a lot of confidence for the Browns passing game. The Saints on the other hand are likely to be angry after letting their first game slip away. The match up is great for the Saints pass game.

5. Drew Brees. He's locked in as an elite weekly play. Jimmy Graham. Graham might draw Joe Haden, but should still find a way to score either way.

4. Brandin Cooks. Cooks and Brees have instant chemistry. Cooks will be dynamite in the slot this week. Terrance West. West has elite running skills which he showcased with his 100 yard output week one on just 16 carries. The Browns will lean heavily on the run in desperation to keep the Saints off the field. West is a strong RB2 play.

3. Mark Ingram. In this offense Ingram is a weekly RB2/flex with his TD potential. Pierre Thomas. His role isn't going anywhere. He's a strong flex play against a team that gave up 88 yards receiving to Bell last week. Shayne Graham. Graham will be a solid weekly play for the Saints high scoring offense. Jordan Cameron. If practice reports deem him 100%, bump him up to the 4 range. He is the lone Browns pass catcher you can count on.

2. Marques Colston. Likely to draw Joe Haden with Graham lining up mostly in the slot. Colston doesn't have the athleticism to separate from him. Saints Defense. Despite getting torched week one the Saints retain moderate appeal against the Browns. As I've mentioned before I hate road defenses, but if your out of options, the Saints should be useable. Andrew Hawkins. He could make his fantasy day in garbage time, but I haven't seen enough to use him as a starter yet.

1. Browns Defense. Billy Cundiff

Sleepers. Isaiah Crowell. West will handle lead back duties, but Crowell is incredibly talented and vultured both rushing TDs last week. He has flex appeal this week with how run heavy the Browns figure to be.

Game prediction: Saints 31-17

Atlanta Falcons @ Cincinnati Bengals - Sunday, 9/13 1:00 pm ET

The Falcons offense is for real and they are lethal. The Bengals are a tough match up particularly on the road, but they aren't elite by any means. The Falcons are loaded with weapons who all carry different sets of skills. Even with Steven Jackson on his last leg, this offense is diverse. They faced last years number two team against the pass and 4th in points allowed last week. They erupted for 568 yards and 37 points.

5. Matt Ryan. With his weapons and week one performance he's locked in as an elite QB. AJ Green. My bet for the number one position player this week.

4. Julio Jones. The Saints double teamed Julio last week and he still hauled in all 7 of his targets for 116 yards. Roddy White. With Julio drawing double teams, White is an every week WR2. Giovanni Bernard. Bernard dominated backfield snaps and touches week one and now draws a very good match up on paper against last years 31st ranked run defense. Hue Jackson promises to use Hill more going forward, but he's locked in as a high RB2 this week.

3. Steven Jackson. His usage should increase as the season goes on. He should get 60-70 total yards and is a decent bet to score on this high end offense. Matt Bryant/Mike Nugent. Both kickers are strong plays this week and going forward. Andy Dalton. Great match up against a vulnerable defense. If this game turns to a shootout he could prove to be very useful this week.

2. Harry Douglas. I don't think there is enough to go around in this match up for Douglas to draw any line up consideration. Mohamed Sanu. Unless he scores he won't provide much use and he's not exactly a red-zone dynamo.

1. Devin Hester. Jermaine Gresham.

Sleepers. Jeremy Hill. Hue Jackson wants a power run game. Bernard doesn't provide one. Hill is the most efficient runner on the team. At some point this season he will become a weekly flex play. It might start as soon as this week against a defensive unit that struggles mightily against the run.

Game prediction: Falcons 24-23.

Detroit Lions @ Carolina Panthers – Sunday, 9/13 1:00 pm ET

The Panther’s Defense is legit. They held the Buccaneers to just 14 points last week (all scored in the 4th quarter) and have allowed 2 touchdowns or less in 15 of their last 17 games. Matthew Stafford had a tremendous week 1, but I expect him to take a step back this week on the road. Cam Newton had a full practice this Wednesday and coach Ron Rivera has already said Newton is good to go this week.

5. Calvin Johnson. He is an absolute beast and is always Stafford’s first read. Never bench him.

4. Kelvin Benjamin. Let’s not get too carried away on Benjamin’s potential just yet, but Cam was on the sidelines watching him make play after play. Newton will be like a kid that can’t wait to play with his shiny new toy on Christmas morning. Greg Olsen. Olsen looked great in his season debut (8-83-1), I have him as a solid TE1.

3. Cam Newton. We haven’t seen Newton in action this year yet, even on “mediocre’ weeks, he makes up for it with his rushing stats (585-6 last year), and I expect him to be efficient on the ground against the Lions this week. Matthew Stafford. He lit up the score board in week one and has a good shot to be a top 6 QB this year, but he will take a slight step back this week against Carolina’s fast, physical defense. Joique Bell. Reggie Bush and Bell are going to be very difficult to predict week-to-week. I have Bell ranked as a RB3/Flex play this week and slightly ahead of Bush. He had 15 rushing attempt last week and just 1 reception. Expect his targets in the passing game to increase. Golden Tate. Things are looking up for Tate this year as defenses key in on Megatron, he has plenty of room to run free. He is elusive with the ball in his hands in open field. He is a WR3 this year, borderline WR2 in PPR (6 receptions in week1). CAR Defense. It’s hard to recommend any defense against the Lions, but Carolina should surprise at home this week. No need to panic and hit up the waiver wire if you have this group.

2. Reggie Bush. Bush seems to play better on the turf at home and was seen icing his knees in practice this week. He will play and get the start, but Bell will be used often as mentioned above. Brandon Pettigrew. DET DefenseNate Freese. Graham Gano.

1. Jerricho Cotchery. DeAngelo Williams. If you are starting a Panther’s running back, your roster needs a makeover. DET Defense

Sleepers: None. Mostly because I want zero part of Carolina’s 3 headed backfield. If I had to choose one though, I’d go with Jonathan Stewart (12 total touches week 1), but I hope you have other options.

Game Prediction: Panthers 24-20
St. Louis Rams @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Sunday, 9/13 4:05 pm ET

Neither one of these teams looked stellar in week 1, and both suffered some injuries. Doug Martin is still questionable and has yet to practice as of Wednesday after exiting the game last week. The Rams lost QB Shaun Hill before the half last week. He did not practice Wednesday as well. The replacement QB is Austin Davis. He threw for 192 yards, 1 TD, suffered 4 sacks and threw a pick-six in just over one half of play last week. After a disappointing week 1, expect the Buccaneers defense to feast on whoever is behind center.

5. TB Defense. If you like to stream your defense based on matchups, Tampa Bay is currently available in 60% of yahoo leagues. They are my #3 defense this week.

4. Vincent Jackson. VJ disappointed last week with only 36 yards. However, he did lead the team in targets with 9, and this week he faces a much easier opponent. Don’t bail on him just yet.

3. Brian Quick. Doug Martin. If he is able to play, don’t expect RB1 numbers this week. His volume will be limited as he is used in rotation with Bobby Rainey, who was the every-down back in Martin’s absence last week. Mike Evans. Josh McCown. He is looking like he was merely a product of Trestman’s offense and the talent around him in Chicago. The matchup is favorable this week, but his o-line has problems and he made several poor decisions last week that luckily only led to two interceptions.

2. Zac Stacy. Stacy could end up disappointing a lot of owners that drafted him in the late second round this year. The Ram’s issues will have them playing from behind a lot this year and Stacy lost work in passing situations to Benny Cunningham. The split of touches in week 1 was 12-9 in Stacy’s favor, but Cunningham got an entire series to himself, which is worrisome. Jared Cook. Brandon Myers. Greg Zuerlein. Patrick Murray.

1. Shaun Hill/Austin Davis. Kenny Britt. Had no catches on 3 targets last week. Not looking like the Ram’s top receiver at all. STL Defense.

Sleepers: Brian Quick. Currently owned in just 12% of yahoo leagues, he is entering just his 3rd season, and has a great physical frame at 6’3”. The Rams have major issues at QB, but will be playing from behind most of the season and going to the air to catch up. Quick lined up with the first team all day and was the most targeted receiver on the team. He finished with 7 catches for 99 yards. He is a fantastic pickup if you are thin at WR, especially in PPR leagues. Don’t expect too much, but he is a decent flex play and will come in handy once bye weeks roll around. Mike Evans is started by just 14% of virtual teams this week. He is a highly touted rookie, and rightly so. Another great speed-size combo player (6’5”) who saw 9 targets in week 1. He will benefit playing opposite of Vincent Jackson and should see plenty of single coverage and will work the middle of the field versus linebackers who will struggle to keep up with him.

Game Prediction: Buccaneers 24-10
Seattle Seahawks @ San Diego Chargers - Sunday, 9/13 4:05 PM

The Seahawks proved in week 1 versus Green Bay that they are the favorites this year to win the Super Bowl. The Legion of Boom held Aaron Rogers to 189 yards and got an interception. They also only allowed 80 total yards of rushing. You don’t want to have to start anyone against this group except for the most elite of players. The Chargers blew a 17-6 lead going into the 4th quarter against the Cardinals, and allowed 304 yards and 2 TD’s to Carson Palmer last week.

5. Steven Hauschka. Marshawn Lynch. I was not betting on a decline from Lynch this year. He went full Beast Mode in week 1, gaining 110 yards and 2 touchdowns on 20 carries (5.5 YPC). Expect another great performance this week.

4. Russell Wilson. He threw for 191 yards, 2 TD’s and added 29 yards rushing. A very modest output of 17 fantasy points. He is a safe bet to finish top 10 amongst QB’s for this week, expect a slight bump in production. Percy Harvin. I had Percy Harvin ranked lower than I should have in drafts. Sure there is his injury history, but he was exciting to watch in week 1. The Seahawks lined him up all over the field. He was an absolute blur on sweep plays when they brought him into the back field in motion pre-snap. He was a perfect 7 receptions on 7 targets for 59 yards, and ran the ball 4 times for 41 yards. Even on weeks he doesn’t reach the end zone his combined rushing/receiving totals will put him in the range of 7-10 fantasy points every week. SEA defense.

3. Ryan Mathews. Mathews is good when he is healthy. 2013 was his first full season of his career. You want to play him while you can. His involvement in the passing game should keep him relevant this week, but only as a flex play. Keenan Allen. He started off his season with a dud, pulling in 5 balls for 37 yards. He did see 9 targets, and we saw in week 1 that Richard Sherman will not follow the number 1 receiver around the field. He will stay put on the left. The entire Seahawks secondary is solid, but I am expecting a TD for Allen this week.

2. Philip Rivers. The only value in Philip Rivers this week comes from volume and garbage time yardage towards the end of this volume. Zach Miller. Malcom Floyd. Antonio Gates. Ladarius Green has been an extremely buzzy name in the fantasy community, but I am not buying it. Last week, Antonio Gates looked like he gained back a little speed and he knows how to use his body well. He had 6 receptions on 10 targets for 81 yards. Meanwhile, Green played a mere 24 out of 62 offensive snaps (39%) and only caught 2 passes for 24 yards. Rivers trusts Gates. His matchup isn’t favorable, so he is only a high end TE2 this week. Nick Novak.

1. Doug Baldwin. Ladarius Green. Danny Woodhead. SD defense.

Sleepers: Zach Miller is started in only 2% of Yahoo leagues. It is hard to predict which Seahawks pass catcher, outside of Harvin, will do well on any given Sunday, but Miller had a spectacular one-handed catch last week, and I love that sort of thing. If San Diego loads the box against Lynch near the goal line, Miller could slip out on a play action for an easy TD. Malcom Floyd (2% started) has not been able to stay healthy much over his long NFL career, but Antonio Gates recently said “he's by far the most underrated player in the last 10 years.” I’m not so sure about that, but Floyd did have 4 receptions for 50 yards and a touchdown in week 1. Oh, and did I mention he is 6’5” and is playing his 10th year alongside Rivers? Hard to expect much against Seattle but is worth monitoring or a pick up if you need help at WR.

Game prediction: Seahawks 31-13

 Houston Texans @ Oakland Raiders - Sunday, 9/13 4:25 pm ET

The Texans, sadly, lost the number 1 overall pick of the NFL draft, Jadeveon Clowney, for a minimum of 4 weeks with a torn meniscus. J.J. Watt and the Texan’s defense are still near the top of the ranks this week facing rookie QB Derek Carr. Maurice Jones-Drew had a minor procedure done on his hand this Monday. He did not practice Wednesday and his status is still up in the air. The Raiders were dead last in offense, both 32nd in rushing and receiving, in week 1.

5. Arian Foster.  Foster is healthy and running with purpose. He should have a big day against Oakland’s weak front seven. HOU Defense.

4. Andre Johnson. He saw 9 targets to Hopkins’ 5 in week 1. Hopkins was the beneficiary of a 76 yard TD on a broken play where no one covered him. He gets 3 stars because of the favorable matchup, but Andre is still the main man here.

3. DeAndre Hopkins. Darren McFadden. Randy Bullock. Quick shout out to Bullock, we both went to high school with him at Klein. Go Bearkats!

2. Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Texan’s have plenty of talented weapons on offense, except at arguably the most important position, quarterback. Garrett Graham. Rod Streater.

1. Derek Carr. Derek Carr wasn’t terrible in his first ever NFL start, 151 yards, 2 td’s, 0 interceptions. Expect Watt to be in his face all afternoon batting down passes at the line and putting him on his back.  Maurice Jones-Drew. James Jones. Mychal Rivera. It’s worth noting that TE Mychal Rivera moved ahead of David Ausberry on the depth chart. Neither should be started or rostered except in the deepest of leagues at this point. OAK defense. Sebastian Janikowski.

Sleepers: DeAndre Hopkins is starting in 19% of yahoo leagues. Coverage will be focused on Johnson, or may not be there at all. If you own him and he catches another TD this week, it’s a great sell high opportunity. Hit the trade block. Darren McFadden. The Raider’s have two running backs that are on the tail-end of their careers. However, if MJD misses this week, McFadden (2% started) could be a good flex play. The Texans allowed 140 yards rushing to the Redskins last week.                                                                                         
Game Prediction: Texans 20-10
New York Jets @ Green Bay Packers - Sunday, 9/13 4:25 pm ET


I love going with guys that are proven, yet they are coming off a bad week due to their whole team playing poorly. Add in a favorable matchup, and you have the recipe for fantasy gold this week in the Green Back Packers. The J-E-T-S are off to a 1-0 start but now travel to Lambeau Field for a rude awakening.

5. Aaron Rogers. Rogers will light up the Jets secondary this week, expect top-3 QB numbers. Jordy Nelson. It was very encouraging to see A-Rod target Jordy 14 times, resulting in 9 receptions for 83 yards. Against any other defense those 14 targets will turn into some nice numbers for Nelson. Start him with confidence every week now that the Seahawks are in the rear view mirror. GB Defense. The Packers defense is only 23% owned. If you need a streaming option, this is a great pick this week. They have tons of talented players: Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers looked fantastic as a stand up outside linebacker, corner and Sam Shields was all over the place breaking up plays last week. I expect this group to emerge as a top-10 unit this season, they just didn’t have the chance to show it on the road vs. Seattle last week.  Mason Crosby.

4. Eddie Lacy. He seems to have recovered fully from the minor concussion suffered last week and should start. New York defends well against the run, but Lacy is RB1 quality attached to this high scoring offense. Randall Cobb.

3. Eric Decker. Decker is the team’s uncontested #1 receiver. With the Pack expected to run away with this game, Decker should see the majority of the team’s targets as they play from behind. Chris Johnson. The Jets are making it clear they will run the ball heavily again in 2014. CJ received the slightly more carries but it was close to a 50-50 split with running mate Chris Ivory. Johnson is a great receiver and dangerous in open field (5 receptions, 23 yards, TD in week1).

2. Chris Ivory. James Starks. Geno Smith. He had an 82% completion rate week 1 and threw for 221 yards, 1 TD, 1 interception. He tacked on 38 yards rushing but also put the ball on the ground twice. Not enough volume to warrant a start. Nick Folk.

1. Andrew Quarless. Jeremy Kerley. Jeff Cumberland. NYJ Defense.

Sleepers: Chris Ivory is owned in 49% of yahoo leagues. Let’s get the number closer to higher. Even though he is in a full on RBBC, he is still listed at the top of the depth chart and the Jets figure to be close to the top of the league in rush attempts. He ran for a 71 yard TD in week one. He makes a nice flex play in deeper leagues and will save some owners during bye weeks this year. James Starks is a must add behind Eddie Lacy after his week 1 concussion, another big shot to the head and Lacy will miss multiple weeks. If Lacy ever misses time, Starks is more than capable of carrying a full load. He posted a 5.3 YPC last week on 7 attempts and was involved in the passing game with 2 receptions.

Game Prediction: Packers 31-20

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos – Sunday, 9/13 4:25 pm ET

The Broncos are the top rated team for fantasy purposes week in and week out. This roster is full of top tier talent and with Peyton Manning leading the way, the sky is the limit. This week, the broncos draw the Chiefs at home. Kansas City looked abysmal last week, giving up 26 points and 428 total yards of offense to the Titans. Try not to drool on your keyboard or screen imaging the numbers Denver will put up this week.

5. Peyton Manning. Not much to say here. Easy matchup at home. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get benched in the second half due to a huge lead. Montee Ball. He actually disappointed last week, gaining just 63 yards on 23 carries (2.9 YPC). He will produce plenty of good stat lines though with the high volume. He had a TD last week and added 2 catches for 16 yards. Demaryius Thomas. Grabbing just 4 receptions on 11 targets is not what fantasy owners wanted to see week 1. Expect a better output from DT this week. He is the real deal. Julius Thomas. It’s not fair to classify him as a TE. He only has 20 NFL games under his belt and a full offseason with Peyton did him absolute wonders. Last year I thought he looked awkward and hesitant, but in week one he looked fluid, athletic, and made cuts right into the gaps of the defense instinctively. Start this monster every week. Jamaal Charles. Week one was an anomaly. Head coach Andy Reid stepped up and took blame for the poor play. He said it was “negligence” to only give Charles 11 touches. He will see tons of work going forward. He was the Chiefs’ leading rusher AND receiver in 2013, totaling 1,980 yards. Brandon McManus.

4. Emmanuel Sanders. I had Sanders ranked ahead of Welker even before the suspension and concussion. Peyton looked to him early and often in week 1 (9 targets, 6 receptions), and we know this offense can produce 3, if not 4, starting quality fantasy WRs. Very high upside WR2 this week.

3. Travis Kelce. DEN Defense. I am not as bullish as most on this defensive unit this week, but still, you are not benching them unless you have an elite option.

2. Alex Smith. He threw 3 interceptions last week. His only hope is a TD or 2 late in this game while desperately playing catchup. It will probably come in the form of a dump off to Charles on a screen play. Dwayne Bowe. Bowe sat out with a one game suspension last week. He has shown he is an elite receiver throughout his NFL career, however his environment severely limits him. Andre Caldwell.

1. Donnie Avery. KC Defense. Cairo Santos.

Sleepers: It’s hard to find a “sleeper” on the Broncos, because we are starting so many of them with confidence. Cody Latimer is the rookie who’s name gets thrown around a lot, but he didn’t play a single snap in week one, he is not worth of a roster spot a the moment. Travis Kelce is started in just 10% of yahoo leagues currently. Last week, he caught 3 passes for 49 yards. Kelce is Smith’s security blanket in the passing game, and has a decent chance to score this week. Denver allowed a line of 7-85-1 to the Colts’ tight ends last week. I have him as a low end TE1 in week 2.

Game Prediction: Broncos 36-14

Chicago Bears @ San Francisco 49ers - Sunday, 9/13 8:25 pm ET

Although this matchup is ripe with talent on both teams, it could prove to be problematic for the Bears in San Francisco. The Bears offense was inconsistent against a vulnerable Bills secondary week one with two interceptions. The end game numbers were nice, but the efficiency wasn't. Now traveling on the road to face a defense that is coming off a 4 TO two TD effort, the Bears could face a similar fate as the Cowboys. The Bears defense is weak especially against the run where they finished worst in the league last season.

5. Matt Forte. He's an every week RB1 and the Niners gave up 118 yards to Demarco Murray week one. Frank Gore. The Bears defensive struggles up front make Gore an RB1 this week. He should eclipse 100 yards and find the end-zone.

4. Brandon Marshall. Marshall is the only Bears pass catcher I'm starting with confidence this week. The Niners secondary was all over Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams last week. Colin Kaepernick. EJ Manuel completed 73% of his passes with a 7.9 ypa average. Manuel is one of the worst QBs in the league. With Kaepernicks weapons in place he has high end QB1 upside in this match up.

3. Alshon Jeffery. He was knocked out of last weeks game with a hamstring injury and didn't return. He missed practice Wednesday which is further concern. If he plays it likely won't be at 100% and this is a bad match up on paper.  Jay Cutler. For all the reasons already mentioned I'm not starting Cutler with confidence this week. I'd rather start Jake Locker Andy Dalton or even RGIII in his place. Michael Crabtree. His week one production had all to do with game flow and nothing to do with his role in the offense. Start him with confidence as a WR3 this week. Vernon Davis. He won't get a lot of targets outside the red-zone, but who cares if he continues to be a high volume TD producer. He will be Kaepernicks main red-zone option. Anquan Boldin. In this match up he's worth a WR3 plug in if you are limited on options. Niners Defense. They are a good bet to force multiple TOs at home against Cutler. Phil Dawson. This game has the makings of Niner dominance. Dawson should play a role in that.

2. Santonio Holmes. I don't know if Holmes will ever be worth starting this season. Martellus Bennett. If he doesn't score, he isn't going to be useful and I sincerely doubt he finds the end-zone in this one.

1. Bears Defense. They aren't even worth rostering. Robbie Gould. I don't see the Bears having many scoring opportunities. Stevie Johnson/Brandon Lloyd. Neither is worth a roster stash.

Sleepers. Carlos Hyde. He could end up being a sneaky flex play. Right now he is a better runner than Gore. He has excellent burst and vision. He's an explosive back who the Niners will slip in more and more as the season goes on and he already vultured a TD week one. The Bears can't stop the run. If Hyde receives 10-12 touches he will be a nice flex play this week.

Game prediction: Niners 30-17

Philadelphia Eagles @ Indianapolis Colts - Monday, 9/14 8:30 pm ET

The NFL couldn't have picked a better game for MNF this week. I say that because I believe this game is the best bet to be an absolute shootout. When you bring two bottom end defenses to match up against two high end offense, you should have an onslaught of offensive production.

5. LeSean McCoy. He's an unquestioned weekly RB1. Andrew Luck. The Colts run game doesn't offer much support. Luck will carry the load against the defense that was worst in the league against the pass last season.

4. Nick Foles. His weapons aren't as good as Lucks, but the match up is ripe for success.  Jeremy Maclin. I think the Eagles will be playing catch up in this one. Another 10+ targets are in store for Maclin. Zac Ertz. He's no Julius Thomas but the Colts did surrender 3 TDs to the TE position last week and Ertz is the teams biggest red-zone threat. Reggie Wayne. Even at his age he is still Lucks top target. Should have a field day against this secondary.

3. Riley Cooper. He received 7 targets last week. He should see at least that many this week putting him on the WR3 map. Darren Sproles. Chip Kelly will find ways to use him especially when playing from behind. Cody Parkey. Kicking on a high end offense in a dome in a high scoring affair. What more do you want from your kicker ?  Hakeem Nicks. All Colts WRs should find room to work in this game. With his size he might just be the best bet of all Colts WRs to score. T.Y. Hilton. I think he's going to make a big play in this one at some point with a strong chance to take it the distance. The Eagles gave up 62 pass plays of 20+ yards last season. Adam Vinateri. I prefer Parkey, but he works too.

2. Jordan Mathews. Mathews has some sleeper appeal in this one, but he can't be trusted just yet. Dwayne Allen. He's a match up nightmare and easily the Colts best red-zone threat, but I don't think he will see enough targets to be a truly bankable fantasy asset.

1. Eagles Defense. Coby Fleener. Colts Defense. Trent Richardson. Do yourself a favor and keep him on your bench.

Sleepers. Ahamad Bradshaw. Bradshaw is easily the best back on the Colts roster. He will be the starter at some point, but even as a change of pace back he holds value in this offense playing on 3rd downs. He had 70 yards receiving last week. I think he posts 80 total yards with a possible score to give him significant flex appeal.

Game Prediction: Colts 38-30

So there you have it. We would love your feedback and if you have any specific Start/Sit questions for your roster, tweet Joe @Reservations4six or @NickSoliz. You can also call Joe at his Fantasy Football hotline, anytime at 281-537-7333 to discuss all of your roster options. Best of luck in week 2 gamers!